Top-level heading

Third Mission

Sapienza is committed to promoting and fostering the application, valorisation, dissemination, and transfer of knowledge, know-how, and technologies. To this end, in addition to the two main purposes of the University, teaching and research, it develops concrete actions by interacting with other institutions, the productive fabric and society in its various forms and articulations.

These activities, therefore, relate to two main areas:

  • valorisation of research, which includes the management of intellectual and industrial property, academic entrepreneurship and technology brokerage and transfer structures
  • production of public goods, which includes the management of cultural goods, health protection, continuing education and public engagement, focusing on cultural activities of public benefit, science dissemination, citizen involvement in research, interaction with the world of education.

With this in mind, Sapienza provides its know-how and high-quality expertise in the various fields of scientific knowledge to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of contemporary society.

"Sorrisi Speciali" project

"PROTECT" project

"MY-DENTI-KIT" project

"A Scuola di Sorrisi" project

"Telemedicina" project

"La connessione fra patologie sistemiche e salute orale: sensibilizzare i cittadini del territorio romano" project

CON-Sapienza. Percorsi di inclusione socio-sanitaria e psicologica per la popolazione migrante

"Play, Smile and Grow" project